Care and Game


First of all, very good pigeons are needed for good performances. This automatically requires a good descent/breed. Besides this, we believe that good care is also of great significance. 

We consider precision and punctuality of great importance. From March until October the pigeoncots are cleaned twice a day and the drinking pots are freshened.  During the cleaning of the pigeoncots the pigeons practise in the morning as well as in the evening. This gives us the opportunity to clean the pigeoncots very well

The pigeons are separated from the first week of November and are not released again. The reason that the pigeons are not released in this period is related to the weather conditions and the presence of birds of prey.

In January all pigeons are checked for possible diseases. A vet is visited who takes a swab of the throat and runs a manure test. In the case that traces of diseases are found here, then a possible treatment can be given. Despite this we do believe that a minimum amount of medicine it the very best thing, as the pigeons must have a strong constitution by nature. Thus as little medicine or treatment as possible is used here.

In the third week of February all pigeons are paired. The widowers are separated from their female after ten days of brooding. The eggs of the best widow are handed in at the breeders. The flying cock-pigeons are paired once again at the end of April and are then prepared for widowerhood after five days of brooding. The widowers thus do not raise their young before the flying season.  Depending on the weather the pigeons join the flights from the very beginning. As soon as the first racing flight begins in June, the pigeons have a good one thousand kilometre contest rhythm in their wings.

In the beginning of the flying season the widowers get to see their female pigeon before and after the contest, this is due to the yearlings that still have to learn the game. During the overnight season they only get their brooding dish. This is done so the doves can start the contest calmly.

The female pigeon also take part in the racing flights. They sit in a separate accommodation and are mainly yearling female pigeons. These female pigeons are played in well from the very beginning onwards. About fourteen days before the first racing flight the female pigeon get a brooding dish and the shelves are built into small breeding pens. The female pigeon are paired with their own sex and are then set on the eggs for the rest of the season.